Monday, October 5, 2009

Stocking tomorrow - Serenity Tree

Whew, time flew by and I didn't realize the amount of work for stocking. I finally was able to reskein all of the yarns for Tuesday stocking. I'm trying to give more quantity per colorway, either in same or different yarn base. Please come and visit Serenity Tree congo as we're doing a one-year anniversary celebration.

I've been spinning quite a bit too in the last few weeks. Finally the fatique is gone and I have more energy.

Some of the handspun...
Selah Neverland
This will be available at on October 14.

WSK Iris, the main color was done a while ago, but I finally was able to wash and reskein the trim. This will go to Laura and she'll turn this into SMSS Handspun Pinafore.

I think I took the last spinning custom, will be completed approximately 1 month before my due date. I experienced carpel tunnel during the last month of my first pregnancy, so I'm afraid I'm going to experience that again. I will taking 5 months off from January thru May and will be just doing some here and there as time allows.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Nother handspun yarn and stocking info

I've been picking up more spinning now. Not as fast as used to be but trying to make time for other things as well. Here's the last 2 (well, there're 3, but I haven't reskeined one). I got decent yardage.

Mosaic Moon Calleach - first fiber of the month

Elliebelly Rebecca's Kitchen in 19 micron superfine merino

After taking an extended dyeing hiatus, I'm back with a birthday stocking at the Giggling Guppy Congo. Please check it out. I'd like to offer some new yarns that I've never (or rarely) offered, new colorways, and yarn that suitable for newborn. These will be stocked on the 15th at noon.

Just want to point out that I'm closed for custom dyeing but I take some wish list in my yahoo group. Please indicate who you are and if I have some yarn that meet the criteria, I will offer them to those who is in the list first.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last spinning FOs

I haven't spent too much time dyeing this last couple months. The morning sickness still lingers and who thougt that wet yarn just stinks! LOL. Hoping to get back to the dyeing groove soon. However, have been spinning some more, though slower, but I think I got so much yardage recently. Which means my yarn is no longer dense.. yay!

Here's some pictures..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stocking update and what's up with Yarnoodles!

There will be a huge stocking this month... One will be on the 10th and the other one will be on the 24th. On the 24th, I'll be joined by other wahms whose sharing the same birthmonth. This will be on, which is newly redesigned by super talented Cynthia from Webwurkz.

What will be up for grabs? Well, I can't tell you yet, but there will be a lot of colorways and yarns since I haven't done the inventory yet. Unfortunately I won't be offering any handspun yarn at this stocking. I might shoot some preview pictures. Some listing will be up this weekend.

Now, what's up with Yarnoodles? We won't be stocking this week at the Serenity Tree because the congo is taking a break. We're still in the fence from stocking at the Giggling Guppy. Why? Well, we're pregnant (edd 01/25/10) and in the first trimester. Nausea and fatique really prevent us from dyeing and they're saying it's best not to dye during the first trimester. We'll see... Unfortunately we won't be stocking too much in the next few months depending the energy level.

That's all.. Pictures are coming...

Monday, May 4, 2009

May stocking

May is going to be busy and fun for us.. I'll be having my Serenity Tree stocking Tuesday and we'll be leaving for vacation on Wednesday afternoon. There will be a couple existing colorway, one new colorway and a couple OOAK colorway from my month mash line. Here's the link:

I won't be stocking at Giggling Guppy this month but.. there will be some surprise stocking toward the end of the month... and a couple guest stocking that you don't want to miss...

A few handspun yarns that I've completed:

Selah Grace
Love the yardage on this one (over 100 yards for 2 oz skein)


Selah Elowenn (April FOTM)


Mosaic Moon Ming


Mosaic Moon Woodland Tale


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stocking today... and several finished handspun yarn

We're stocking today at the Giggling Guppy ( There are one new colorway though didn't turn out as I want it exactly but I think it's pretty good.


Right now I'm dyeing 2 or 3 set at the time and trying to stock up for my big stocking in July. I'm also planning on some special stocking in May (if I can) as part of Yarnoodles first anniversary..

Here's some pictures of completed handspun yarns..




Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What to do with the second skein?

Aimee choose the girly one..

So.. what to do with the second skein?

I want to thank you for all who participated, but I keep hearing that people wants to try handspun yarns.

So I decided, let's give it to someone who never knit/crochet with handspun but want to. I can't check the validity, but.. post if you want to be entered, why you want it and what you would make with this yarn if you get it. Entry will be closed on Friday midnight PST (April 3rd).

Oh, also post who you are (either from DS or HC) so I know how to contact you.

The yarn is this one:

Thanks everyone.

The winner of the handspun giveway is .....

Aimee / Lyttlewon


Friday, March 27, 2009

Recent spinning and knitting

Finally I'm able to reskein the "Tropical Reef" (spin off from munki sushi) handspun. 2 of the skein has almost identical yardage, but one skein has a little more yardage.

Also reskeined and sent off the Ellibelly Retro Kitsch. This roving is uber soft, softest merino I've ever felt.

At last, the last knitting FO (and rare), the cap sleeves spring top for DD.

The pattern can be found here:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some spinning FO and WIP

Have been busy spinning this last week. Still have a pound to go (plus some spinalong fibers). Here's some of the ones I've just completed or wip.

WIP of the girly giveaway fiber

WIP of the boyish giveaway fiber (need to ply)

Finished sushi (with extra wasabi) drying

WIP and newly plied Ellibelly Retro Kitch (need to wash and finished)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fiber overload

Selah and Mosaic Moon to be exact.
Last night I did some inventory because I tend to buy the same colorway whenever I have a chance. I didn't take any inventory of the etsy ones but I should. I need to find some superwash fiber so I can make DD some dress or top out of handspun. Yes, sometimes I'm too lazy to handwash everything.. For personal use, I prefer using superwash fiber/yarn. Anyway, Selah gets one tub, Mosaic Moon gets another. Other HC dyers must share one smaller tub and etsy/other dyers share 2 large tubs. I think I need to start dyeing my own too as undyed fibers start taking more spaces.. Fibers take more spaces than yarn and I have to use those plastic bin so it won't get squished and compacted. I love fibers, even more than yarns.. No picture, but maybe someday when I organize it a bit better..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fundraiser for Amanda and book stocking at Serenity Tree

This is the first stocking we have at Serenity Tree that has some theme.. This time the stocking is moved to Monday at 1PM EST. I'm very excited to get inspiration from books and I had a lot of fun.. I haven't gotten a chance to reskein the yarns and I still have 2 to do today but this time I have multiple listing for several colorway so you can choose the yarn you want and have more chance to get it. There will be one handspun yarn as well but it might be the last one I'll be stocking in the next couple months. I'll be busy finishining up custom spinning and preparing for a major stocking in July for birthday bash. I also will be collaberating with Susan to present a handspun you can't resist.

I also would like to mentione that a dear DS member has befallen a tragic incident in her her family life, though I didn't know her personally but I have been in contact with her in the past. For her benefits, I'll be participating in a few auctions in Vin Thi Design store ( 2 of the listing is not up yet but for an eye candy, here's one that I hope will help with her final expenses and living cost.

Introducing... Rainbow Roll

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free handspun yarn for Diaper Swappers or Hyenacart forum chatters

For you, Diaperswappers and Hyenacart readers/chatters, to celebrate my 1 year anniversary spinning (with wheel), I'd like to offer free handspun yarns (roving dyed by me, approximately 4oz) to someone who really wants or needs the yarn but may not have the extra money in the budget to get one, or someone who needs some pick me up. (And hopefully someone that will love the yarn enough to make a finished product from it.)

How this works is, nominate someone (other than you) that meets that condition by leaving in the comment section:
1. The nominee's exact user name (and which forum).
If you know that the nominee is a member of both forums, please list both of his/her username and their respective forum.
2. The reason why you are nominating her/him
3. Your user name. You can only make one nomination.
You are only eligible to nominate someone if you are a registered user of Diaperswappers or Hyenacart as of yesterday (February 9).

I will take the top 5 most nominated person and use to pick the winner. I will have this open until (March 15th) March 31st and announce the winner by (March 20th) April 3rd. The winner will be able to choose a yarn from one of the finished yarns that will be posted as the contest's end is nearing.

To make it easier, copy and paste (and fill in the blank)
1. Who I nominate: ... from ... (DS or HC)
2. Why I nominate that person: ...
3. Who I am: ... from ... (DS or HC)

The closing date is delayed. I've just finished dyeing the roving. Here're the two choices. The winner can choose which one she likes/prefer to have.

Finally... here's the yarn to be won. The winner can choose between these 2 yarns.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stocking Tuesday at Serenity Tree

I will have a medium size stocking tomorrow and I'm looking forward to this. I managed to whip out 3 handdyed yarns and 1 handspun yarns. I think I've spin faster this year. I managed to spin 3 pounds of yarn for January. WOW! I think it's a lot. Of course it depends on the fibers and if they're not compacted or felted, they're easier to draft and it goes faster (and of course nicer because there's less bumps)

Here's BRIGHT SUSHI. I've dyed the roving a few months ago and just haven't have a chance to spin it up. Though it's brighter (even brighter than the roving), it turned out quite nice. I'm hoping to spin some roving for the next GG stocking but I'm not sure if I can make it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yummy custom

I love how this turned out even though I don't think it's bulky enough.. It's combination between superfine merino and targhee, dyed by Beemer Knits.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.. Sorry a little late. We have quite a long holiday break and was out of town a lot. Unfortunately we haven't been dyeing too much and will have minimal amount to offer this month. We're still waiting for the yarn to dry and I'm still unsure what to stock for this week.

I will be stocking at: Serenity Tree on January 6th , last Wonderland stocking on January 9th and Giggling Guppy on January 21st. Yes, I've dyed 2 munki sushi in 2 different yarn base and I will be offering them this week. BFL will be offered at Serenity Tree and BBR at Wonderland.

To kick some winter blues (and holiday blues).. I thought of doing something different and I did some kettle dyeing last weekend and will have 3 to offer this month. I also have some help from my sister who came and visit and we created a colorway that she dyed (under my supervision). I love it, the color is so soft and perfect for any baby girl. I've been busy spinning custom and I am still in a big custom spinning order. I won't be able to stock any handspun yarn this month.

Freckle Face Fibers - Guiniviere - in superfine merino

Mosaic Moon - Grandmother's Garden - in fine merino

Hope everyone has a nice holiday and I hope I will bring some yarny goodness that will satisfy everyone's pallate this year.