Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fiber overload

Selah and Mosaic Moon to be exact.
Last night I did some inventory because I tend to buy the same colorway whenever I have a chance. I didn't take any inventory of the etsy ones but I should. I need to find some superwash fiber so I can make DD some dress or top out of handspun. Yes, sometimes I'm too lazy to handwash everything.. For personal use, I prefer using superwash fiber/yarn. Anyway, Selah gets one tub, Mosaic Moon gets another. Other HC dyers must share one smaller tub and etsy/other dyers share 2 large tubs. I think I need to start dyeing my own too as undyed fibers start taking more spaces.. Fibers take more spaces than yarn and I have to use those plastic bin so it won't get squished and compacted. I love fibers, even more than yarns.. No picture, but maybe someday when I organize it a bit better..


Virginia said...

And dh gets after me for my single tub of yarn. I try to tell him I don't have that much but he doesn't believe me. :)

Monica said...

Hum...if you have some MM Goblin...will you mark it with my name? ;)