Friday, March 27, 2009

Recent spinning and knitting

Finally I'm able to reskein the "Tropical Reef" (spin off from munki sushi) handspun. 2 of the skein has almost identical yardage, but one skein has a little more yardage.

Also reskeined and sent off the Ellibelly Retro Kitsch. This roving is uber soft, softest merino I've ever felt.

At last, the last knitting FO (and rare), the cap sleeves spring top for DD.

The pattern can be found here:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some spinning FO and WIP

Have been busy spinning this last week. Still have a pound to go (plus some spinalong fibers). Here's some of the ones I've just completed or wip.

WIP of the girly giveaway fiber

WIP of the boyish giveaway fiber (need to ply)

Finished sushi (with extra wasabi) drying

WIP and newly plied Ellibelly Retro Kitch (need to wash and finished)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fiber overload

Selah and Mosaic Moon to be exact.
Last night I did some inventory because I tend to buy the same colorway whenever I have a chance. I didn't take any inventory of the etsy ones but I should. I need to find some superwash fiber so I can make DD some dress or top out of handspun. Yes, sometimes I'm too lazy to handwash everything.. For personal use, I prefer using superwash fiber/yarn. Anyway, Selah gets one tub, Mosaic Moon gets another. Other HC dyers must share one smaller tub and etsy/other dyers share 2 large tubs. I think I need to start dyeing my own too as undyed fibers start taking more spaces.. Fibers take more spaces than yarn and I have to use those plastic bin so it won't get squished and compacted. I love fibers, even more than yarns.. No picture, but maybe someday when I organize it a bit better..