Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Handmade Christmas

Back to back blogging..

I also want to encourage you, my blogger reader to buy handmade as much as you can. Not only you are supporting work at home parents but be sure that you are buying items that come out from a lot of love in what they're doing. I know I can't buy 100% handmade but I am trying my best to at least give more than 50% handmade gifts this year.

October stocking

October stocking ended up to be a successful one. Thank you for all my customers for buying my yarns. The one that is unsold is one colorway, several handspun and one sock yarn. I know I'm taking a chance to have that in my store. However I managed to donate or trade some of the yarns. And now I only have 2 handspun left. We're going to have a second stocking of the month and I'd probably will try to stock one or two more.

True Colors Charity Event for the fall has generated more money than before. Thank you for Bella in Ireland, we managed to accumulate almost $80 to send to Red Cross.

The end of this month we will also participate in Celebrating Colleen at http://hyenacart.com/tinyladycooperative/. There will be hundreds of yummy fluff, wools and other items donated by a lot of awesome ladies that has been touched by Colleen one way or another. The event will run from October 28 thru November 4 2008. Please buy lottery and bid generously