Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Hyenacart Store

I gave in.. I decided to get my own hyenacart store after all. Here's the link:
There's nothing in there yet, and I missed the window to update/configure the store a little bit for free. So now I have to pay for stocking so I can update some more. I might bite the bullet and do that near the June's ElevenThirty Stocking. I will move unsold items from the congo to here. I might add some more stuff too when the mood strikes. So, check often, okay?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Growing Up Mad! Babyshower stocking

Don't forget to visit this baby shower stocking. There are a lot of other goodies, and gorgeous yarn from Selah. I love the colorway and I will try to snag it too. Here's the website:

Here's some pictures of yarns that I will be stocking tomorrow at GrowingUpMad:

1. Spring Fling in 3ply purewool merino. Very soft and yummy. Perfect for newborn baby.

2. SeaFoam in 3ply purewool merino. Yummy soft boyish color.

3. Fishpond in 3ply purewool merino. Yummy contemporary color, bright and bold.