Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last stocking of 2010

I'm starting to prepare the last stocking. Most of the yarn is dyed (except 3 maybe). I might save that for new year. I'm trying to fulfill the ISO of 2 most requested colorways: Munki Sushi and Namibia. There'll be a TON available so I hope everyone will get what they want. I'm hoping to create more new colorways next year. I'm thinking to have 2 different stocking time, one before Christmas and one after Christmas.

I might also have one custom slot available, but it depends on how much I can get done.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July special stocking

Yes, it's the time of the year when we're going to have a special stocking again. There will be loads of yarn that I have accumulated before my babymoon. Yes, I'm still sorta in babymoon period... I haven't dyed in a while but will try to get into some kind of schedule and maybe dye a little and try new colorway and fibers. I'm still reskeining and will be taking pictures soon and hopefully can list everything by Wednesday, so check back to the store.

Monday, March 8, 2010

First stocking of the year

After a long break, I finally was able to reskeined all of the yarns that I want to stock and took some pictures as well. I'll be stocking today at noon at my own store (http://hyenacart.com/Yarnoodles/). There will be a wide variety of yarn and some yarns that was inspired by my baby girl. I would take a short break after this stocking and will be stocking the remainder of my yarns. I am hoping to go back to my dye pot as I'm trying to adjust my schedule with 2 kids (LOL)! I'm afraid I have to reduce my workload and stock less often.

Some of my recent custom (well, from 2 months ago) including selah whimzy that I mentioned last time.

Selah Whimzy 80%Merino 20% Silk

Mosaic Moon Vintage Daygown - superfine merino

Friday, January 15, 2010

Babymoon coming soon

Wow, I haven't updated this blog for 2 months! 10 more days before my due date... I have been dyeing a little bit in the last month or so. I didn't really fulfil my list because I've been busy knitting for the baby! I have some yarn for the wish list that I need to reskein and take pictures. Also I have planned to stock this month, so as soon as I reskeined and took some pictures, I'll list them in my HC. I'm no longer in any congo because I need some flexibility to stock whenever I can.

I've also signed up for Winter 2010 Etsy Baby Shower. You should check it out.

In the meantime... a few yarns that I've completed. I've also finished Selah Whimzy in merino/silk that is TDF! Picture is coming.. it's still damp.