Monday, March 8, 2010

First stocking of the year

After a long break, I finally was able to reskeined all of the yarns that I want to stock and took some pictures as well. I'll be stocking today at noon at my own store ( There will be a wide variety of yarn and some yarns that was inspired by my baby girl. I would take a short break after this stocking and will be stocking the remainder of my yarns. I am hoping to go back to my dye pot as I'm trying to adjust my schedule with 2 kids (LOL)! I'm afraid I have to reduce my workload and stock less often.

Some of my recent custom (well, from 2 months ago) including selah whimzy that I mentioned last time.

Selah Whimzy 80%Merino 20% Silk

Mosaic Moon Vintage Daygown - superfine merino

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