Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Nother handspun yarn and stocking info

I've been picking up more spinning now. Not as fast as used to be but trying to make time for other things as well. Here's the last 2 (well, there're 3, but I haven't reskeined one). I got decent yardage.

Mosaic Moon Calleach - first fiber of the month

Elliebelly Rebecca's Kitchen in 19 micron superfine merino

After taking an extended dyeing hiatus, I'm back with a birthday stocking at the Giggling Guppy Congo. Please check it out. I'd like to offer some new yarns that I've never (or rarely) offered, new colorways, and yarn that suitable for newborn. These will be stocked on the 15th at noon.

Just want to point out that I'm closed for custom dyeing but I take some wish list in my yahoo group. Please indicate who you are and if I have some yarn that meet the criteria, I will offer them to those who is in the list first.

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