Monday, October 5, 2009

Stocking tomorrow - Serenity Tree

Whew, time flew by and I didn't realize the amount of work for stocking. I finally was able to reskein all of the yarns for Tuesday stocking. I'm trying to give more quantity per colorway, either in same or different yarn base. Please come and visit Serenity Tree congo as we're doing a one-year anniversary celebration.

I've been spinning quite a bit too in the last few weeks. Finally the fatique is gone and I have more energy.

Some of the handspun...
Selah Neverland
This will be available at on October 14.

WSK Iris, the main color was done a while ago, but I finally was able to wash and reskein the trim. This will go to Laura and she'll turn this into SMSS Handspun Pinafore.

I think I took the last spinning custom, will be completed approximately 1 month before my due date. I experienced carpel tunnel during the last month of my first pregnancy, so I'm afraid I'm going to experience that again. I will taking 5 months off from January thru May and will be just doing some here and there as time allows.

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