Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.. Sorry a little late. We have quite a long holiday break and was out of town a lot. Unfortunately we haven't been dyeing too much and will have minimal amount to offer this month. We're still waiting for the yarn to dry and I'm still unsure what to stock for this week.

I will be stocking at: Serenity Tree on January 6th , last Wonderland stocking on January 9th and Giggling Guppy on January 21st. Yes, I've dyed 2 munki sushi in 2 different yarn base and I will be offering them this week. BFL will be offered at Serenity Tree and BBR at Wonderland.

To kick some winter blues (and holiday blues).. I thought of doing something different and I did some kettle dyeing last weekend and will have 3 to offer this month. I also have some help from my sister who came and visit and we created a colorway that she dyed (under my supervision). I love it, the color is so soft and perfect for any baby girl. I've been busy spinning custom and I am still in a big custom spinning order. I won't be able to stock any handspun yarn this month.

Freckle Face Fibers - Guiniviere - in superfine merino

Mosaic Moon - Grandmother's Garden - in fine merino

Hope everyone has a nice holiday and I hope I will bring some yarny goodness that will satisfy everyone's pallate this year.

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