Thursday, January 20, 2011

My fiber arts journey continues

I've been wanting to try out weaving... have been waiting for the basic weaving class to open up. I finally picked up my rental loom and asked my friend to teach me how to weave since the class has been cancelled. There's so many things involved in the preparation before I can actually weave! I was surprisingly enjoying those tedious step involving sleying the reed and threading the heddles. Unfortunately I didn't have much spare time so I'm trying to weave a little bit every night.

Finished threading the heddle

From front

Start weaving:


I'm making dish towel or placemats. I'm not sure how thick it is. The yarn is only sugar and cream from walmart. I'm using 10 dent reed. The width of the loom is 18" and I'm using all of the space. Big mistake for first project.. LOL. I have to sley and thread 180 times! Well. Actually it's 178. For some reason I didn't have 180 slots. I'm almost finished with the first towel and I'm planning to make 4. RIght now I'm looking into getting a used floor room with at least 36". I want 8 shaft even though people said 4 shaft is good enough. I'm too lazy to buy and sell, so I want something won't outgrow me for a while.

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