Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Charity Auction

Yarnoodles decided to participate in a True Colors charity auction event sponsored by Lori (Beneath the Rowan Tree). It will begin on June 18 thru June 22. Here's the excerpt of what this is about:

This is a non-competitive event, intended to showcase the many and incredible ways three simple colours can be creatively presented when in the hands of an artist. Crafters working in various fibers and materials are working to create unique pieces based on the colorway (group of three colors) chosen by the users of the Hyena Cart Forum. That means every pair of hands will work with the same three colors to produce something amazing! After all, that is the wonderful thing about color~ the possibilities are endless.

There will be 25 dyers displaying their items.

Here's what we donated:

It's 3ply BFL handspun by me. Be sure to visit and bid generously.

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